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ANNUAL REPORT 2019 To read the full version please find attachment in here Message from CHD Center Director On behalf of the Center for health consultation and community development (CHD), I would like to thank the continuous efforts and the close cooperation of our colleagues with CHD. In In 2019, we have made great strides to improve the health of ... Read More »

World Malaria Day 2020 and A call to action by the Regional Malaria CSO Platform


The Regional Malaria CSO Platform, GMS is a network of Civil Society Organizations(CSO) from the Global Fund RAI implementing countries: Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam. The Platform serves as the community and CSO engagement mechanism forthe Global Fund RAI grant. The Regional Malaria CSOPlatform plays a key role in advocacy, communication, and engagement for the marginalized and vulnerable ... Read More »

Bến xe “Nói không với thuốc lá” | VTV24

Sau 1 năm triển khai thí điểm mô hình môi trường không khói thuốc tại 2 bến xe, một số kết quả bước đầu được ghi nhận, song vẫn tồn tại những khó khăn liên quan đến xử phạt, đặc biệt với hành khách. Điều này vừa đặt ra thách thức và cơ hội nếu như thành công mô hình ... Read More »

Some results and experiences in the implementation smoke free environment at bus stations


Communication takes an important role in information sharing and promote the activities to enhance their effectiveness. On 18/10/2019, providing information for newspapers about good models of free-smoke environment, the Ministry of Information and Communication in cooperation with Health Bridge (Canada) and Vietnam Steering Committee on Smoking and Health (VINACOSH) organized a workshop to provide the information for reporters and journalists ... Read More »

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