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Workers confidently practice safe sex

In the 24th May 2016, at POSCO’s office, the monthly communication event on HIV/AIDS and STIs was conducted for 19 workers from three subcontractors – Hai Anh, INCICO and FECON – of the Hanoi Metro Line Project. In this fifth communication event, all of the participants knew what HIV/AIDS and STIs are and 15 out of 16 officers and workers have had better knowledge on HIV/AIDS and STIs prevention.

Introducing the event and helping participants doing pre-evaluation survey before the event

Workers happily doing survey

Good time of practicing using condom properly

Till this fifth event, 238 people received training on HIV/AIDs and STIS prevention. This number will continue rising in the next following months.

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The monthly communication event is co-organized by the Center for Health Consultation and Community Development (CHD) and POSCO E&C for all officers and employees involved in the bid package No.2 (CP02) of the Hanoi Pilot Light Metro Line Project, Nhon – Hanoi Railway Station Section, in order to help them raise knowledge, change attitude and behavior. Futher more, we hope they can use these knowledge to protect themselves, their families and society after this event.



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