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Giang A Nu, Village Health Worker from Dak Lak Province, Vietnam

Mr. Giang A Nu, 33 lives in Giang Dong village, EaDah commune, Krong Nang district of Dak Lak province in Vietnam. He has been a village health worker for six years. He is also a village leader of Giang Dong village. Every day, he works on the farms to increase his family’s income and participation in social work. The living conditions of the people in this village are very difficult. The road leading to the village is far away from the medical station and it is so dirty. People in this village rely mainly on solar energy because there is no national electricity grid. Mr. Nu has five children, but two of them have serious diseases. Due to the difficult situation, so he always tries to do everything in the family to take care of his children. Although he is busy with his family works, he finds time to participate in social works in general and project activities in particular. He completes the project tasks well enough with the expectation that no malaria case to the residents in his village.

Mr. Nu knew that Mr. Ho A Phang returned to his home after spending a few nights in the field. Mr. Nu came to visit and found out that Phang had a fever. He immediately performs malaria rapid diagnostic test (RDTs) and found that Mr. Phang was infected with P.Falciparum. Then Mr. Nu immediately took this patient to EaDăh commune health center to be tested again and treated by medical staff. At the same time, he also met people who were with Mr. Phang in the village to do a malaria test. During Phang’s treatment of malaria at home, Mr. Nu visited Phang’s household to monitor the patients on medical compliance and checked his health situation, consulted patients on how to prevent malaria. Mr Phang was aware of the seriousness of malaria and knew how to prevent malaria after he recovered from illness. Mr. Nu consulted Mr. Phang on using treated hammocks/treated net when sleeping overnight at the filed, wearing long-sleeved clothes, rub the mosquito repellent. Because of Mr. Nu, Mr. Phang knew how to protect himself in the forest. After taking care of Mr. Phang, Mr. Nu was very happy and shared that: “Every month, I continue to perform with my best in communication, testing suspected people and support malaria patients to eliminate malaria in my village.”

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