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Safe sex for workers

For along time, knowledges about HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infection (STIs) are rarely equipped for construction workers. Understood this issue, the Center for Health Consultation and Community Development (CHD) and POSCO E&C company had  implemented monthly communication activities for these workers.

With the aim for raising awareness about prevention of serious diseases, the communications program about Raising awareness on HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) for officials and workers of the Hanoi pilot light metro line project section Nhon – Hanoi Railway Station. On September 28th 2016, the number of people knowing about safe sex through the program has grown to 304 people.

Lecturer is presenting for workers

The program gave participants the essential information about prevention of HIV/AIDS and STIs, the preventative method and how to use condoms properly. With applying a new multi-dimensional educational method and the lively enthusiastic presentation, POSCO E&C lecturer had brought fun atmosphere for the class. While guiding how to use condom correctly, trainers played some funny clips which carry highly helpful message in order to emphasize the right attitude about using condoms to workers.

Workers practicing the steps to use condoms.

Through the program, the officials and workers had a change in the awareness and attitudes towards people with HIV and concurrently increased the ability to execute the HIV and STIs infected preventive measures. However, the level of change in perception of some participants was still not high. Therefore, the workers were encouraged to review the leaflets combined with the presentation handouts after the program to understand the means of transmission and learn how to avoid them for themselves.

These communication activities about “Raising awareness on HIV/AIDS and STIs” by the CHD and POSCO E&C for contruction workers will continue to be organized monthly, aimed to protect health for workers and represent the high sense of responsibility towards the society.

Content by My Huyen.

Pictures by Pham Huong.



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