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Message from CHD Center Director

On behalf of the Center for health consultation and community development (CHD), I would like to thank the continuous efforts and the close cooperation of our colleagues with CHD. In

In 2019, we have made great strides to improve the health of the community in particular and the country’s socio-economic development in general. I hope these efforts will help us gain more experience in the next plan and open up new partnerships in the future.

Through building a smoke-free environment model at Western Bus Station and Saigon Bus, the project has inspired many people and since then the community has spoken out for a healthy, smoke-free environment. Still, the project is new and I believe we have to work even more closely in the coming years.

Malaria has been a public health problem for many years, but its new problem is that drug resistance puts us at a major challenge in the prevention and treatment of this disease in the community. Many organizations and networks have worked together to build and support local core forces from village health care to community people, which is a basis for us to believe in the goal of elimination. malaria by 2030.

In addition, health care issues for workers such as eye care, improving knowledge and skills in HIV prevention and sexually transmitted infections are still receiving many positive results. pole under the efforts of the company/factory and technical support from the Center.

ORIENTATION 2020 – 2025

CHD wishes to contribute to the implementation of sustainable development goals in Vietnam with a specific vision as follows:

- Providing quality, fair, inclusive and comprehensive social protection and services to people living in Vietnam to ensure their health, education, escape poverty and empower them to fully promote potential.

- Respond effectively to climate change and natural disasters, as well as sustainably manage natural resources and the environment.

- Strengthen governance and compliance with laws, ensure respect and protection of human rights and freedom from discrimination, and towards a more just and more inclusive society.


Nguyen Hoang Yen



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