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Final evaluation of the Project “SAFE MOTHERHOOD”

1. Time:  From November 2015 to January 2016

2. Client: World Vision  Viet Nam

3. Evaluation location: Dien Bien Province

- 3 communes of Muong Cha: Hua Ngai, Sa Long, Huoi Leng.

- 4 communes of Tuan Giao: Ta Ma, Phinh Sang, Rang Dong, Pu Nhung.

- Health Center, Hospital of 2 districts.

Department of Health, Province Hospital, Province Reproductive Health Center.

4. Object:

- Pregnant women

- Women with children under 6 months old.

- Caregiver mothers/newborns (Father, grandfather, grandmother)

5. Project ” SAFE MOTHERHOOD” purpose:

- Improve maternal and newborn health in Tuan Giao and Muong Cha district, Dien Bien Province

6. Result of project ” SAFE MOTHERHOOD”:

- The basic healthcare service for mothers and newborns is provided in districts, communes and villages.

- Improving the quality of essential health services in emergency care for mothers and newborns at districts and communes.

- Improve maternal and newborn care practices at home include raising the demand for medical services.

7. Final evaluation purpose: 

- Assess the relevance and completion level of the project in accordance with project objectives and indicators project.

- Evaluate help World Vision staff and local partners learn from experience and recommendations. Lessons learned will be shared with donors, regional development programs and partnerships.

Some pictures of project:

Training to enhance capacity for qualitative investigators Muong Cha and Tuan Giao, Dien Bien Province

Interview the mother with children under 6 months old

Ta Ma, Tuan Giao mother

Midwife of Xa Nhe village, Rang Dong Commune, Tuan Giao district

Community base referral team of Xa Nhe village, Rang Dong commune, Tuan Giao district



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