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Baseline survey summary report Project “Improving Vision to Empower Factory Workers”

This report shares the results of the baseline survey on knowledge, attitudes and behaviours of workers in eye care and working conditions affecting eye health as one of the activities of the project “Improving vision to empower factory workers” sponsored by Fred Hollows Foundation in Vietnam (FHFVN).

Although there are regulations and policies related to occupational health and safety for workers, currently no specific policies or guidelines regarding eye care. It is therefore essential to examine the knowledge, attitudes and practices of factory workers regarding eye care as well as the impact of working conditions on eye health. The survey objectives included: assessment of knowledge, attitudes and practices of eye care for workers in the two factories, eye health care seeking behaviours, their needs and their accessibility to quality onsite eye care services and a description of asscociations between KAP and as well as workplace conditions and eye disease prevelance among workers in the two factories. Based on the results of this survey, interventions will be proposed to develop the best eye care model for most workers so that they can be replicated to similar companies. Since then, it has contributed to reducing the preventable blindness for workers in the two factories in particular and workers in general.

The data collection was carried out at 2 factories of Rieker and Foster in Vietnam, from the 1st to 12th August, 2017. A total number of 849 staff and workers of the two companies were interviewed in the survey.

Summary report: click here

For full report and more informations about survey please contact with:
Center for Health Consultation and Community Development
Liaison office: 84-24-3872 7450;
Project office: 84-28-3775.2220;
Email: chd@chd.vn



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